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Tech Innovation and the Solve for
Financial Institutions During a Crisis

Wednesday, July 22nd at 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT

The pandemic has radically changed how we do business. New technologies continue to push organizations to adapt to their compliance practices to ensure that lines of defense work together to meet regulatory and consumer protection obligations.
Join this virtual session to learn:
  • How organizations are assessing new compliance technologies to meet growing demands and shrinking budgets
  • The key needs and finding the right tech partners during critical times
  • How innovators are meeting the expectations set for their partnerships

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Yasmin Omrani
Yasmin Omrani
Global Regulatory, Compliance,
and AFC Innovation Lead
Deutsche Bank

Kayvan Alikhani
Kayvan Alikhani
Co-Founder and CEO

Karin Lockovitch
Karin Hill Lockovitch
EVP and Chief
Compliance Officer
ELA Risk Solutions
John Z
John Zanzarella
VP of Sales